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Paestum was a major ancient Greek city on the coast of the Salerno Bay in Magna Graecia. The ruins of Paestum are famous for their three ancient Greek temples, which are in a very good state of preservation.

The site is open to the public, and there is a modern national museum within it, which also contains the finds from the associated Greek site of river Sele.. After its foundation by Greek colonists under the name of Poseidonia the Romans gave the city its current name Paestum.

Today the remains of the city are found in the modern Town of Paestum, which is part of the of Capaccio in the Bay of Salerno. The modern settlement, directly to the south of the archaeological site, is a popular seaside resort, with long sandy beaches..


Peter 24/04/17

Ciao Giuseppe E stato di nuovo una super giornata con te. Tante grazie per tutto e saluti Peter e Sigrid


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