Transfer + Amalfi Coast

Transfer + Amalfi Coast

If you only have little time in the area, but do not want to miss the beautiful Amalfi Coast we offer you the rigth service.

We can pick you up in Naples airport/trainstaion /Hotel and drive you to your Hotel in Sorrento or Positano via Amalfi Coast.

We can stop at Ravello (free time to visit the famous Villa Rufolo with its beautiful gardens), stop in Amalfi (to visit the St andrew Cathedral) and stop in Positano (to visit the amaizing town build on teh site of teh mountains) or dropp off there  or then in Sorrento.

So you see the amalfi Coast, safe time as you have transportaion and visit in one and safe also money as we do not charge you teh Transfer + day tour seperately, but make you a special discounted total fee.

In the whiletime you visit the towns the luggage is safe in our cars (use to stop at parking places) .

Naturally it would also be possible in the opposit direction at your departure from Sorrento or Positano on your way to Naples.....


Ami S. 3/05/17

Hi Julia, I'm sorry for the late reply. Of course we enjoyed the trip in the area and much thanks to Giuseppe and thanks to you His service and escort were beyond...


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