Tours from Rome

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duration: 9 hr.
Places you will visit: Tour Positano Tour Sorrento Tour Pompeii

Tours from Rome
Often we have clients staying in Rome but interested to visit the Amalfi Coast (Positano-Amalfi-Ravello) and /or Pompeii. This is possible. You would just have to choose one of the day tours we offer from Naples, as Amalfi Coast or (Positano+Sorrento+Pompeii) or (Herculaneum+Pompeii+Winery) tour or similar. You could catch the Eurostar Fast Train from Rome to Naples central trainstation( it is just a bit more than an hour by fast train). We would be there at the platform to pick you up as soon as you arrive and show you our beautiful area for a day. In the afternoon we would dropp you off again at Naples trainstation with plenty of time to catch the train back to Rome.

Naturally also the pickup/dropp off  in Rome would be possible, but we do not recommend that as it means many hours in car (train is much quicker and more convinient too).


Luise 16/01/16

Liebe Julia, gestern früh (Samstag) sind meine Frau und ich mit der AIDAmar wieder in Mallorca angekommen und gestern Abend waren wir wieder daheim. Wir möchten auf diesem...


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