Pompeii and local winery

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duration: 4-8
Places you will visit: Tour Pompeii

A shorter day, nice if you do not want to rush ... you enjoy the local wine in nice atmosphere and visit the famous ruins( a must once you are in the area!!).

Pickup at Hotel, B&B, Port, trainstaion or else.

Use the fresher weather and more energy in the morning to visit the ruins of pompeii. Covered in 79 after christ really good preserved ruins. generally we recommend to take a guide for teh visit and naturally we could help you to book one. Time at the ruins about 2 to 3 hours.

We could also visit the ruins of herculaneum instead or add these in the tour, or skip the winery and only make a half day pompeii tour.

After that drive up on the sites of mt vesuvious where the tipical local Lacrima christi wine is grown. relax and enjoy the view with a good glas of wine )you taste different local wines)  and tipical local spaghetti (with pastra from gnagnano and fresh tomatoe sauce, appatizer and sweet......)

After that back to your Hotel, appartment or else...


Just wanted to thank you for the great service we received from you, on May 29, when you took my husband and I, plus our friends Scott and Joanne (she sat in the front with you) from...


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