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Hi Julia, I'm sorry for the late reply. Of course we enjoyed the trip in the area and much thanks to Giuseppe and thanks to you His service and escort were beyond what we expected. This is the opportunity to thank you once again for the lovely week we've been through and it's all thanks to you !!! It is clear that we will return to visit in the future... I wrote a recommendation on the trip advisor and recommend all of our friends/family about your services. I attached the mail picture as a souvenir from us. Warm regards from all of us to Giuseppe and you!!

Ciao Giuseppe E stato di nuovo una super giornata con te. Tante grazie per tutto e saluti Peter e Sigrid

Sorrento Pompei ruins day tour

Hi, Just a couple of shots. We had a great time in Italy. Your driving and narration were great! We enjoyed every minute. Anna (the guide at Pompeii) was very knowledgeable and a great guide. If we come back we'd ask for her for a day long excursion. Greg

Caro Giuseppe Come stai ? Abbiamo avuto davvero una super giornata con te. Sei molto simpatico e un gran guida! Grazie per rigalarci ore indimenticabili. Ci vedremo a Napoli. Sei sempre ben venuto a Lucerna in Svizzera. Abbiamo seguito il tuo buonissimo consiglio e siamo andati a Salerno per vedere le luci natalzie. Che bellezza, veramente!! Grazie. Domani gia ritorniamo in Svizzera con un souvenir molto forte a positivo della nostra visita a Napoli. Mille grazie di nuovo a te, caro Pepe! Tanti saluti Peter e Sigrid

Hallo Julia, noch einmal ein herzliches Dankeschön für den tollen Tag am Vesuv, Pompeji und Sorent am 25.10.! Der Tag mit Dir war ein Highlight der Reise! Eine schöne Zeit wünschen Dir Manja, Niklas, Felix und Ronny

Thank you Julia. We had a wonderful holiday and your service was first class. .really outstanding. Thank you very much for all of your help. We will return soon...kindest regards Sue

We would like to than you again for your amazing driving and information you provided us along the way. We are now back in Canada but will remember the beautiful Amalfi coast for the rest of our lives. Ciao,

Hallo Julia, wir möchten uns nochmal herzlich für die schöne und interessante Tagestour mit Dir an der Amalfi-Küste bedanken! Am Wochenende haben wir den ersten Daheimgebliebenen von unserem Urlaub berichtet und dabei festgestellt, dass der Zettel, auf dem ich den Namen des Restaurants Deiner Eltern in Berlin notiert hatte, wohl leider irgendwie abhanden gekommen ist. Ich hätte doch besser das Smartphone nehmen sollen... Könntest Du uns den Namen bitte nochmal mailen? Viele Grüße Dieter

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Hi Peppe,I can't forget the wonderful wedding in Sorrento. All was great, Thanks Remo.



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